“So this place is getting an amazing amount of buzz through the whole city, and to be fair, it’s well deserved.

The burgers are incredible – and for the ‘slightly less intelligent’ reviewers, that’s not grease, that’s the meat juices because you’re getting minced steak not scrapings off the butchers floor with added lard. They’re typically served medium/medium-rare the burgers are soft to the touch, not pre-formed hockey pucks.

After spending a considerable time in the states I’m well aware of what a good burger is – and this tops the lot.”

“At last a burger joint to shout about. The best tasting burger in Hull. Made to order so freshness is not a problem. It is very popular so be prepared for a short wait but believe me it’s worth it. Don’t just sit there go for a dope.”

“I ordered black & blue burger med/rare & sweet potato fries. Was gorgeous!! The meat was so tasty & juicy.”